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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aptos Network ?

Aptos Network is a novel blockchain planning for a more decentralized ledger. 

More info:

What is APAD ?

APAD is the first launchpad on Aptos Network, we’re planning to help quality projects launch their projects by bringing early contributors.

How do I submit my project ?

We’re excited that you consider us as the launchpad for your project! 

Make sure to read our criteria and fill out the application here:

Where can I buy $APAD tokens ?

You’ll soon be able to purchase $APAD tokens on exchanges!

Right now we’re only open to private contributors, If you believe you might fit the criteria, fill out the form here:

Where can I get updates ?

We post most of our updates on our social media! Make sure to follow us 🙂

Do you have a Medium ?

Yes we do, here:

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