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The $APAD Token is what powers $APAD & is needed for future project participation!

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Launch Date: TBD

Project to be announced...

Wondering what project would it be ? You’ll find out soon, get ready holding $APAD tokens to participate!

Project to be announced...

It’s coming sooner than you’ll expect.

Ensuring good care to our community and project managers

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Worry less about your launch, focus on your project!

Curated Launches

Only the best of the best get picked to launch on APAD, Rest assured of rugs!

Marketing Tools

The intrustry leading experts on bringing the community to your project.

Launch your Aptos or Sui Project!

If you believe that you fit in as a leading project built upon the Aptos or Sui Network, send us your info and our team will get back to you in no-time!

Top tier project launches are our goal

We care deeply of our community and put all of our efforts in keeping everyone involved safe, we audit each and every project that launches on our platform.

$APAD benefits

Participation in launches

Only holders of at least 1K $APAD tokens can join our top-tier projects.

We want to make sure that APAD grows healthy and steady!

Security & Privacy

$APAD tokens are secured by the Aptos, Sui & Ethereum networks, the team makes great effort to bring only the leading projects on its launchpad.

Community Features

DAO Voting & community incentives are top priority for us, we want the outmost involvement and feedback from our holders.

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